Fitness Equipment Assembly/Disassembly FAQ

  1. Do you provide fitness equipment assembly/ disassembly?

    Yes, At Your Service Pros provides fitness equipment assembly/ disassembly!

  2. What are the benefits of fitness equipment assembly/ disassembly?

    Having a professional assembly your fitness equipment is vital! Not only is fitness equipment expensive but it can be dangerous as well! We will get your job done right and ensure your equipment is safe as well.

  3. How long does fitness equipment assembly/ disassembly typically take?

    Every machine is different, depending on the make and model, call today for a free estimate on your fitness equipment assembly/ disassembly!

  4. Will you move my fitness equipment for me?

    We are more than willing to move your fitness equipment for you with assembly/ disassembly services included! Whether it be moving your equipment from the basement to the living room or moving it from one home to another, we got your back!

  5. What type of fitness equipment do you assemble?

    At Your Service Pros assembles/ disassembles treadmills, ellipticals, stair climbers, exercise bikes, weight benches, rowing machines, power towers, life fitness dual stacked home gyms and any and all fitness equipment assembly!

  6. Do you provide free estimates?

    Yes, At Your Service Pros provides free over the phone estimates, call (630) 901-7707 today.

  7. What sets you apart from your competition?

    What sets At Your Service Pros apart is the value we offer! We are also about safety first; we will never leave a job unless you are comfortable with your machine that was assembled! Our work is 100% guaranteed or your money back. We are insured, bonded and provide free estimates!